Edd Hannay

is a Front-end engineer at 7digital in London. This page lists a few of the things that he’s worked on. He’s on Github, Twitter and Flickr. For a slightly more professional overview, there’s LinkedIn. Or there's always Email.


Gameboy.photography, a site for processing photographs from the Gameboy Camera


iTunes LP for The Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street. Available on iTunes. Classic Rock Mag’s Reissue Of The Year.


iTunes LPs for the 2011 remastered Queen albums


iTunes LP for Take That’s latest album Progress, the fastest selling album in Britain this Century. Get it from iTunes.


Senior Front-end Engineer at Psonar, the Pay Per Play music service.


Sample spotting music players for Girl Talk’s albums Feed The Animals . Featured on Pitchfork, Prefix and various music blogs.


Songkick-based personalised upcoming Gig Lister made for MusicHackDay London 2010.


Some of my Gameboy Camera photographs made their way in to Kevin Meredith’s book on Toy Cameras.