Girl Talk - Feed the Animals

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If you're looking for All Day, there's a similar thing for the new album here.

This page lets you play Feed The Animals by Girl Talk, an album made up entirely of samples from other music. To the right of the track list, there’s a list of which songs are being played, as they’re played, using the list compiled by Not all samples are covered, but a lot are. You can play a short clip from the sampled song, or click the Spotify link to hear the full track.


It uses the HTML 5 audio tag, the iTunes & Spotify web services, the aforementioned data from, the album from Girl Talk and lots of Javascript. The samples come from iTunes. They seem to line up quite well, but it isn’t perfect. There’s a Spotify link for most songs, too. If your browser doesn’t play M4A files natively, it will use SoundManager2. The code isn’t lovely, because I made it on a train.


If you like the album, you can pay money for it at Illegal Art by clicking here. Pitchfork did an interview about the album which you can read here. I’m just being a nerd, and have no affiliation with Girl Talk or Illegal Art. feed the animals is very similar, but I hadn’t seen it until I was typing up this text at the end. I’m not too upset, because this gave me an excuse to use <audio />. SoundManager is just a backup as I’m using iTunes M4A samples.


A few notes about your browser might appear here. If you’re using Safari on a Mac, they probably won’t.


It was made by Edd: not a designer, but can lay things out well enough for a quick proof of concept.